Artspace Commons overcame all odds when it was completed in 2010 -- the height of the economic recession.


Today, the project anchors Artspace's presence in Salt Lake City's Granary District and is joined by two other Artspace projects: Solar Gardens and Greenery. When Artspace first purchased the site, it was a designated Brownfield (a former contaminated industrial site). Fortunately, we were able to clean up the site through the Utah Voluntary Clean Up program. Now stands a Gold LEED certified project with 102 affordable apartments and 50,000 square feet of commercial space. This project includes a TON of cool environmentally sustainable features:

09.04.08 Artspace 2 street aerial

  • Solar photovoltaic window awnings that generates 25 kilowatts of electricity annually. 
  • Solar hot water system that heats all the culinary water in the summer and also provides some of the space heating in winter. 
  • Highly efficient insulation. 
  • White roof and cement parking lot to reflect heat and reduce urban heat island effect. 
  • Exterior lighting designed to reduce light pollution by not facing the sky or bleeding off site. 
  • Water use reduction through plumbing fixtures and shut offs that use less than 40% of baseline established by USGBC. 
  • Deck flooring made from recycled tires. 
  • Local and recycled materials used. 
  • Marmoleum floors (a natural product made from renewable resources: linseed oil, wood flour, pine rosin, natural pigments and a jute backing). 

09.04.08 Artspace 7 courtyard eyelevel

We're lucky that the sustainable building has attracted several of Utah's nonprofits with environmentally-concious missions, making the project a beacon of the best ecological standards.

09 03 23 Art Space Cam 05 street eye level

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