Dear Friend,

This coming year, Artspace is celebrating 40 years of creating affordable living and work spaces for our community. We owe those 40 years to your support.

From our humble beginnings 40 years ago, you've supported our unique and affordable projects that have spurred the revitalization of Salt Lake City's industrial west side. Your donations to these projects have changed the lives of countless artists, families, nonprofits and small businesses who have lived or worked with us to positively impact our community.


Your support continues to revitalize our community -- bringing sustainability, creativity and affordability to Salt Lake's neighborhoods in need every year. 

Our two net zero buildings, Artspace Solar Gardens and Artspace Greenery, which sit next to Gold LEED certified Artspace Commons, generated enough solar power to support the entirety of their energy needs. In fact, they overproduced enough energy to power an extra 53 average American households for one year.

We also worked with GREENbike, Salt Lake City's bike share program, to install a solar-powered station at Artspace Commons. Now each of our over 1,000 tenants has year-round access to active transit for free.

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Your support sustains the creativity in our buildings.

Honoring our artistic roots, we continue to increase the art at Artspace. Artspace resident and artist, Steven Glenn Brown, created Earth, Wind, Fire and Water from a diseased tree that needed to be removed from our property. The pieces reflect the elements this grand cottonwood tree withstood as it towered over the industrial Granary District for 100+ years.

We are excited to unveil more art projects in 2020 and to continue working with our artists on installations that will inspire our neighborhoods for years to come.

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And, most importantly, your contributions make it possible for us to keep rents affordable.

For 40 years, we've seen both economic recessions and upturns threaten our community's stability. And for 40 years, Artspace has persisted in its work to build affordable living and work space. In just the past year, we've watched the rental market price out vital members of Salt Lake City's community. Through it all, we remain committed to keeping our rents affordable. We take this work seriously, because we know that when our community's people are supported, our neighborhoods thrive. We are grateful for the donor support that gives us the flexibility we need to directly respond to this pressing community challenge. 

We've done a lot of work together in the past year and the past 40 years, but there is still more work to be done.

A gift today supports this community -- its artists, entrepreneurs and change-makers -- now and in the future. You help us make spaces that will inspire innovation and creativity for decades to come. Your continued support matters as we work to develop -- and fill -- our next great affordable and efficient project.


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With deep appreciation,


Jessica Norie, President