As a nonprofit, Artspace is serious about serving our community. We do this by developing affordable living and work spaces in Salt Lake City’s industrial westside. But we are also responsible for contributing to a healthy planet. That’s why Artspace builds to high energy-efficiency standards. Since 2008, Artspace has developed one Gold LEED certified building (Artspace Commons) and two Net Zero buildings (Artspace Solar Gardens and Artspace Greenery). But that’s not all. Here are five more ways Artspace supports your sustainable lifestyle:

Going with GREENbike


In July 2018, through a generous donation from American Express, Artspace partnered with local nonprofit GREENbike to install a station at Artspace Bridge Projects. Low-income neighborhoods like ours are often disproportionately affected by harmful air pollutants. In a state that already struggles to keep its air clean, we’re exploring all the ways we can change that fact. GREENbikes provide an alternative method of transportation and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars. Plus, as a bonus, GREENbike gave our residents free annual passes! Stay tuned, because another station will be hitting Artspace Commons later this year.

Energizing Your EV


According to HEAL Utah (a tenant of Artspace Commons), “Cars, trucks and heavy-duty vehicles are the biggest contributors to our air quality problems.” So, if you’re trying to save the planet by driving an electric vehicle, we want to support that! Artspace offers two free chargers for your electric vehicle at Artspace Commons. Check for the reserved spaces across from the leasing office.

Saving with Solar


With most of Utah’s electricity coming from coal, Salt Lake is ranked seventh in the nation for short-term particle pollution by the American Lung Association. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average household in the U.S. consumes over 10,000 kWh every year. Multiply that by our 278 residential units, and it’s easy to see why buildings account for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Artspace counters that stat with solar energy. In fact, we have over 1,000 solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels. Our two Net Zero buildings produced a combined excess of about 53,000 kWh last year. That’s power for 53 extra households!

Retaining Rain


American families use, on average, 400 gallons of water per day. About 30% of that is for watering outdoor landscaping. Artspace has four properties with xeriscape, but a couple of our spaces take it one step further with rainwater harvesting. Artspace Greenery and Artspace Macaroni Flats use rainwater harvesting to help water community gardens and surrounding landscaping. All of this because, according to the Jordan Valley Conservation Garden Park, “Utah’s population is expected to double by 2060, but our water supply won’t.”

Reducing with Recycling


Artspace offers mixed recycling at all seven of our properties. That’s standard now, right? Well, we also offer glass recycling and food waste disposal at six of our seven properties. Did you know that the EPA estimates more food reaches landfills than any other single material, constituting 22% of discarded municipal solid waste? This leads to food waste filling, and potentially increasing the toxicity of, landfills faster. Artspace tenants can live comfortably and green!

We are invested in the communities we serve, so we strive to have a positive impact on the physical and economic health of our tenants. We are always looking for more ways to help our environment, because we know it helps our friends and neighbors. If you have ideas for us, we’re all ears. Contact Megan Attermann, Director of Community Engagement.