August is American Artists Appreciation Month! We have so many great artists living and/or working in our buildings. We are lucky to be able to highlight just a few of them throughout the month.

Today, meet Gillian Loop

Gillian Loop began her education as an art major but a naïve fear of poverty lead to a career in fashion comprised not only of form and construction, but logo, textile and storyboard design.

In the wake of NAFTA’s impact to the garment trade, Gillian established a career in technology, initially in sales and eventually as a project manager.  She continued to create art and was awarded ribbons in local fairs, however today she engages in an explicit art career. 

Textile design informs her collage work utilizing printed and painted elements derived from found and created materials to assemble unique and exquisite collage compositions. A dual perspective; one detailed and the other a more generalized image or theme is frequently evident.

More recent abstract work portraits a variety of kinetic and visual forms.  Various brush strokes, patterns, techniques and mediums are combined in discrete sections to form an image suggesting both physicality and refrain.

You can learn more about Gillian by visiting her website or following her Instagram. You can also tour her space on Artspace's Instagram