Today is the first day of American Artists Appreciation month! We are lucky to have so many great artists living and/or working in our buildings. We will be highlighting just a few of them throughout the month, so stay tuned!

To kick-off the month, here's artist, Sarinda Jones. Follow her @sarinda.jones on Instagram or visit her website.⁠ 

"I am a Utah artist with a fine art background and emphasis working in glass professionally for twenty years. ⁠

Creating in different mediums interests me -- from painting, jewelry, to public art. I believe that art is for everyone which has lead me to teach in many venues and skill levels. I enjoy teaching mini workshops to those who are just being exposed to glass for the first time to teaching artist residency workshops at Corning Museum of Glass and Pilchuck Glass School.

A minimalist approach gives my work a contemporary feel and illuminates the simple beauty. Glass is a smooth, seductive and mysterious substance yet at the same time, a very ordinary substance. It can be as common as a wine glass or it can be a treasured work of art. It's part of our world culture. Glassmaking has been estimated to have been around for over 5,000 years. The same piece of glass can appear to be invisible at one moment and opaque another through its display of reflection. Glass is a chameleon of sorts, an illusionist. Right down to the chemical structure of the glass. As a glass artist, the alchemist of the molecular structure of glass instructs the glass to behave in a certain manner. This is where the playground of an artist and science comes together.⁠

Each of us responds sincerely to color, light, and pattern. Whatever else art may encompass, these elements ensure that the work is accessible to a broad audience. I started my business in 2002 after I had met glass artist Dale Chihuly at the 2002 Olympic Games during his lecture and book signing. I applied for a studio space in Artspace on Pierpont Avenue in Salt Lake City and to attend Pilchuck Glass School in 2003. Within two weeks, I was accepted to Artspace and to Pilchuck Glass School. This was the start of the journey that has lead me here today.⁠

Commissions are always welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I love talking about art."⁠

Sarinda also created the glass sculpture, Leverage, which can be seen in the community gardens of Artspace Greenery!