August is American Artists Appreciation Month! We have so many great artists living and/or working in our buildings. We are lucky to be able to highlight just a few of them throughout the month.

Shauna Brock spends a lot of her time begging and pleading the characters in her head to wait until she isn't at work to demand attention. By day she coordinates volunteers for Meals on Wheels of Salt Lake County and during the inbetween times, she scribbles down words onto paper and computer screens. She has been in community organizing most of her adult life, having worked with the bi/pan/ace communities in Austin and SLC. Currently she is the moderator for the SLCWG (Salt Lake City Writers Group). A geeky nerd of the highest order, she was raised on Star Trek and Star Wars, plays D&D on Sundays, and you bet she's writing fanfic and defending it as a literary genre. (Yes, she has a bat'leth hanging on her wall.) 

She writes queer fiction, whatever that looks like in the moment. Romance? Literary? Science Fiction or Fantasy? All of her characters tend to be queer in some form or fashion, whether they are dead rock stars, A list actresses, or alien priests seeking out the answers to the universe. 

Her work has been featured in: 15 Bytes Magazine, TNOC: The Nature of Cities, and Bi Women's Quarterly. 

Website:; Instagram: @vegawriters; Twitter: @vegawriters