When Artspace first purchased the old Utah Barrel and Scrap site, there was one living thing on the entire 3.67-acre property: an over 100-year-old cottonwood tree. Artspace worked to save the tree while cleaning the designated brownfield and developing Artspace Commons. Tenants of this Gold LEED certified building loved the tree and the shade it provided from the morning sun. 


Unfortunately, as years passed, the tree grew unsafely. For the safety of our tenants, the tree needed to be removed. But Artspace had a plan for honoring the resilience of this exceptional tree:


Replace the Tree

Artspace worked with TreeUtah (a local nonprofit and Artspace Commons tenant) to replace the tree with a new London plane tree. TreeUtah threw a tree planting party where volunteers planted the tree in the very spot left by the old cottonwood.

Mulch the Stump

Artspace worked with a tree removal company that would mulch the stump of the tree, so it could keep on giving to the property. 

Create Art

Artspace commissioned an artist (and Artspace tenant) to create four unique sculptures out of the thick branches of the cottonwood tree. Steven Glenn Brown worked on the sculptures for months. In the end, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water were created to embody the elements the tree withstood throughout its long life. The sculptures now stand at the entrance of Artspace Commons.

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